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Gotthards krog is a declaration of love for one of Umeå’s most magnificent and dynamic places of all time. Hosting both the citys grand hotel and a sailors’ house, these facilities offered an exciting meeting between grandeur and simplicity, celebration and rest, international and local, as early as the 19th century.

Here, the Nordic heritage is united with influences from all over the world. We keep sustainability close to our hearts, and strive to develop not only our own work, but the whole industry.

The result? A food and drink experience out of the ordinary.



Tuesday 17.00–23.00

Wednesday 17.00–23.00

Thursday 17.00–23.00

Friday 17.00–01.00

Saturday 17.00–01.00

Sunday 17.00–23.00



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About Gotthard's

In the 19th century, Umeå’s grand hotel, Stora Hotellet, and the town’s sailor’s house habited the facilities where Gotthards Krog is today. The hotel’s first owner and cellar master was Gotthard Zetterberg, a hotel and restaurant man who previously sailed to Greenland with Adolf Nordenskjöld.

In 2014, when we opened up Gotthards Krog, we wanted to pay tribute to the dynamic history of this place. Therefore, we have allowed both the restaurant’s name, food, and drinks to be inspired by this heritage.

At Gotthard’s, you can eat and drink with a conscience. In addition to our vegetable garden at Älvåkern, which we run together with Brandt’s Handelsträdgård, we also have a two-star KRAV certificate. Along with Martin & Servera, we also run the project #svinngott, where fruits and vegetables that would otherwise be discarded are saved and refined by us.

For those seeking a food and beverage experience that challenges the senses and lets you explore new tastes, we recommend Gotthard’s Dining Room, our exclusive Chambre séparée. There you are offered a fixed, five-course menu that is varied according to season and the world around us.

The bar serves a rich selection of drinks, and our wine cellar is filled with rarities waiting to be discovered.


Gotthards Krog

Storgatan 46
903 26 Umeå

+46 (0)90-690 33

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