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Gotthards Krog is a tribute, a declaration of love to a place and it's history.

One of Umeås most magnificent and dynamic venues, starting in the late 19th century this building housed both the prestigious grand hotell as well as the humbler seamans home that housed sailors on temporary leave from ships that frequented the busy port. This enabled a natural a mix between grandeur and simplicity, celebration and rest, international and local.

We've strived to retain the core dynamic of Gotthards Krog, the soul of its origins, while at the same time carrying its legacy into a sustainable future - in the intimate the hotel bar, at the continental indoor square and in our dining room.

We extend a warm welcome to Gotthards Krog, home port for the locals as well as for our guests from around the world.

Right now



Always on wednesdays:

Dj from 8.00 pm

Anyone of our Sandwiches + beer for 200 kr


Monday 07.00- 23.00

Tuesday 07.00- 23.00

Wednesday 07.00 - 00.00

Thursday 07.00- 00.00

Friday  07.00- 01.00

Saturday 07.00 - 01.00

Sunday 07.00 - 22.00




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What's on

Whats going on?

There is always something happening at Gotthards Krog.


On wednesdays we have a Dj in the Bar from 20.00.

We serve a Reuben Sandwich & a beer for 200:- because life is quite boring in the middle of the week and need to be spiced up.

Every last Wednesday of the month we have a club called "Norden". Always a Dj & 2 different musical live acts. It´s good. Check it out. 


Thursdays: Our co-lab with Folkets Bio Umeå, called "BioVino". Dinner and a movie for 300:-, we always cork up some new natur-friendly wines and serve by the glass. Funnys and tasty.

Friday: Different Dj:s from 21.00 - 01.00

Saturday: Dj:s from 21.00 - 01.00

Sundays: The best day of the week. We serve Afternoon tea between 13.00 - 15.00. The bar and the Dining room opens up at 15.00 for all time Sunday hang out.


The Square is open for dinner 6 nights a week: monday - saturday

The Dining room is open wednesday - saturday serving a 4- or 6-course menu, focus on ur own crops and local farmers. Special deal on Sunday´s dinner.

The bar is open 7 nights a week. That´s good.

About Gotthard's

Stora Hotellets first proprietor was Gotthard Zetterberg, a sailor and adventurer who in his younger days sailed with Adolf Nordenskjölds famous greenland-expeditions. After settling in his home town Gotthard became the epicentre of the local entertainment business, the natural link between the splendour of the Grand Hotel and the saltiness of the seamans home in the same building. 

When we opened Gotthards Krog in 2014 we wanted to draw from the soul of the place and its dynamic history. A place coloured by influences from ports across  of the world settling into a small but ambitious northern town by a river that leads visitors to it as well as helps adventurers on their way.

Regardless of whether you visit our bar, the indoor square or the dining room we want to share memorable experiences that weave together Umeå with the rest of the world under one single roof.

Gotthard Zetterberg

We also made a clear decision to make your stay with us as sustainable as possible. In this we've gone above and beyond to take care of the world that influences and informs our choices. The vegetable cuisine which is at the core of our cooking across all our restaurants is supplied largely from our own vegetable farm. All of our bread and pastry is supplied by Kulturbageriet, our artisanal bakery in the same building. We are one of only a few organically certified restaurants in Umeå.


Gotthards Krog

Storgatan 46903 26 Umeå

+46 (0)90-690 33

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