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A safe harbour for the hungry

Gotthard’s restaurant is located in Stora Hotellet, which has been the city centre of Umea's social life since 1895 as well as being the local Seaman’s mission. The first hotel owner, restaurateur Gotthard Zetterberg, ran the restaurant here for 18 years and the current restaurant is named after him. Gotthard’s is a busy restaurant and bar with outdoor dining all year round in Umea’s new indoor square in the Vaven centre. The restaurant Gotthards krog is the home port of the people of Umea and guests from overseas. We bid you a warm welcome.


Gotthards Krog

Storgatan 46903 26 Umeå

+46 (0)90-690 33

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Monday 06.30 - 23.00

Tuesday 06.30 - 23.00

Wednesday 06.30 - 00.00

Thursday 06.30 - 00.00

Friday 06.30 - 01.00

Saturday 07.00 - 01.00

Sunday 07.00 - 22.00



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About Gotthard's

Umeå has a long and proud history as a seafaring town. During the 1800s shipbuilding and shipping were big business and the Seaman’s mission built an impressive building down by the river, a combination of seaman’s mission office and hotel.

Stora Hotellet's first hotel manager and restaurant owner was Gotthard Zetterberg, a man who sailed with Adolf Nordenskjöld on the Greenland expedition. For 18 years Gotthard was Umeå’s master of ceremonies and the link between the impressive hotel and the Seaman’s mission.

When we opened Gotthard’s we wanted a mix of hotel ballroom and sea adventure. We are a top class restaurant without the pretensions, a relaxed venue for drinking, partying and business.

The building is full of history, so history spices up our menu. Many of our dishes have a story to tell, while every story can become a recipe. We like to give classic dishes a special twist so we can combine unique local ingredients with inspiration from the seas, ports and influences of other cultures. In the best local tradition we are proud to be ecologically aware and take special care selecting our ingredients. New baked bread is delivered everyday from the famous local bakery Kulturbageriet.

Gotthard Zetterberg

So come on in and be inspired by the special Gotthard’s mix of sea and style. We promise good food and drink, relaxed conversation and a spirit of generosity so that you will feel welcome at any time, from early in the morning to late at night. We are your safe harbour whether you live in Umeå or are a visitor to our city.


Gotthards Krog

Storgatan 46903 26 Umeå

+46 (0)90-690 33

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